How to Properly Drain your Beachcomber Hot Tub

With the winter hot tub season coming to an end, proper hot tub maintenance may be apropos just before the spring. It’s therefore important to know exactly how to drain a Beachcomber hot tub properly. Manufacturers actually recommend changing hot tub water quarterly. This ensures that the water is not over-exposed to chemicals and sanitizers throughout the year. Beyond that, a draining also allows for the shell to be cleaned, and the jets to be inspected.

How tub water stays intact for about 3 or 4 months. After that, a variety of contaminants, body lotions, and perspiration can turn hot tub water into a cloudy soup. By draining the water, you’re actually starting a necessary maintenance process. You’re flushing out the entire system. You’re checking for cracks and damage. And you’re refilling with clean water and new chemicals. What’s very important for every hot tub owner is to know how to do it all properly.

draining your beachcomber hot tubHow do I properly drain my Beachcomber hot tub?

If you understand how to properly drain a Beachcomber hot tub, the process will be much easier to manage, and with less stress. In terms of timing, the best time to drain a Beachcomber hot tub is between “seasons” – like between winter and spring OR fall and winter. This allows for a more regular maintenance schedule, without interrupting the busiest time for hot tub usage.

Draining the hot tub is also a good opportunity to inspect the shell and all of the components. It’s a good time to make necessary repairs, and it’s a good time to do preventive maintenance. Being preventive could save you a lot of money by avoiding the need for an emergency repair down the line. So have a look at this step-by-step approach and take advantage of the all the tips.

STEP 1: Remove and soak the filter

In order to remove the MICROFILTER™, twist the mechanism and unlock it so that the entire assembly can be removed. Then lift out the basket and gently pull out the MICROFILTER™. You should then clear any residual debris from the basket and properly rinse. The MICROFILTER™ can now be soaked in the FILTER SOAK™ solution and then rinsed carefully with a spray nozzle. FILTER SOAK™ is an eco-friendly alkaline detergent cleaner – it is Ecologo® certified, and quickly removes contaminants, improving the performance of the MICROFILTER™.

STEP 2: Cleanse/Neutralize water

Before you drain a Beachcomber hot tub, add PIPE CLEANSE™ to the water and let that solution circulate for 12 hours. PIPE CLEANSE™ is specially designed to flush out “biofilm”, bather waste, and other contaminants from the pipes. Now it’s time to test the water for sanitizer levels, and if present, add a neutralizer agent to ensure safe dumping of the hot tub water. PIPE CLEANSE™ is formulated to loosen all types of deposits that might be lodged in the piping system. And the idea of the neutralizer is to defuse any active chlorine or bromine in the water.

STEP 3: Drain and clean the tub

As a preliminary, always turn the power off at the breaker switch. Locate the DRAIN/FILL valve and then remove the safety cap. You can now attach the “female” end of a conventional garden hose, allowing the hose itself to be placed at a lower level so that complete draining is ensured. Open the DRAIN/FILL valve (counter-clockwise) and start the draining process. Depending on the model of hot tub, draining time varies. When the hot tub is completely drained and empty, you can disconnect the garden hose, remembering to also close the valve.

Some handy tips when the hot tub is empty

During the draining process, it’s a perfect time to clean the hot tub cover. Surface dirt and grime can be easily cleaned with warm water and mild detergent. When rinsed and dry, the hot tub cover can be sprayed with a “cover-care” product and wiped down with an absorbent cloth.

When the hot tub is drained, the acrylic shell can be wiped down with a prescribed cleaning agent and a chamois. The residue should be rinsed well and allowed to completely drain (while the DRAIN/FILL valve is still open). This cleaning step helps to get rid of leftover contaminants.

Beachcomber cleaning products are EcoLogo® certified and biodegradable. They are fast-acting agents and ideal for removing scum lines and grease build-up. In fact, Beachcomber products are just as effective in cleaning many other sensitive surfaces in and around the home and car.

STEP 4: Refill the hot tub water

After you properly drain a Beachcomber hot tub, it’s time for refilling. With the DRAIN/FILL valve securely closed, a FRESH FILL™ pre-filter can be attached to your garden hose, and the hot tub can be slowly refilled. When the water level reaches the skimmer, the power can be turned on.

The FRESH FILL™ filter is very easy to connect to your garden hose and will work with all hot tub models. It uses food-grade activated carbon to remove metals, volatile organic compounds, and various solids before they can reach your hot tub. FRESH FILL™ is proprietary to Beachcomber.

Once you notice that the hot tub water is circulating, and all of the bubbles are out of the lines, it’s time to add ELIMINATE™. This is a concentrated liquid formula designed to prevent and inhibit any corrosion. It’s effective on all hot tub surfaces, all fixtures, and all of the ancillary equipment.

STEP 5: Accessorize and heat

It’s about time to start heating up the water and almost time to take a dip. Adding HYDROMOP™ to the hot tub at this stage will absorb oils and residue so that the water will retain clarity, while keeping the water lines clean. FILTER SAVERS™ can also be utilized now – there are made from fine nylon, and are designed to trap debris, which will extend the life of the MICROFILTER™.

STEP 6: Test water/Balance

Sometimes underestimated, there’s nothing more important in a hot tub than testing the water and ensuring perfect chemical balance. It’s essential for both bather comfort and water care. Test strips are the quickest and easiest way to test water. Testing should be performed after each use.

The RESIST™ product increases alkalinity in hot tub water and prevents fluctuations in pH levels. Total Alkalinity level is recommended at 100 – 120 ppm. The PROTECT™ product increases the calcium level of water and protects equipment (calcium hardness should be 150 – 200 ppm).

Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs can drain a Beachcomber hot tub

If time is an issue for you (or if draining and filling is simply a pain) you can let Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs do all the work. We provide a professional Drain and Fill Service with a team of expert technicians who will provide a comprehensive maintenance review at the same time.

At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, we also offer free computerized water analysis at our two retail outlets. And if you want on-going hot tub maintenance, we can do that as well. Our Drain and Fill teams are handpicked, and highly skilled in working with all Beachcomber hot tubs.

In store, our retail team understands the ins and outs of water chemistry – they can provide you with advice on product options and recommendations for keeping your hot tub performing. Our people are Beachcomber Certified and Sani-Marc trained in water chemistry.

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