Maintaining Your Inground Pool Requires the Right Tools and Equipment

Proper maintenance of your inground pool will impact both day-to-day operation and long-term life. A well-maintained swimming pool will operate more efficiently, and with fewer crises and emergencies. As well, proper maintenance will ensure economy, because everything is working at peak level. With the right tools and equipment, swimming pool maintenance can actually be easy. At the same time, it’s not necessary to buy every tool ever invented, especially for those operating with a more limited operating budget. And probably the most important element of pool maintenance is just plain “elbow grease”. The thing to remember is that every swimming pool is different and every homeowner has different needs.

Leaf rakes and pool skimmer nets

These are essential for routine cleaning. Rakes and skimmers should be sturdy and strong. Mesh nets should be deep and chemical-resistant, with a resilient frame. These tools will likely be used on a daily basis.

Nylon swimming pool wall brushes

Nylon wall brushes can effectively remove dirt from an inground pool, keeping the pool much cleaner on a consistent basis. Well-designed wall brushes allow for corner dirt to be cleaned easily, without scratching.

Pool vacuum cleaner accessories

A high quality vacuum cleaner head can eliminate all types of debris in an inground pool. Some are quite sophisticated in design, and are intended to “hug” the pool floor and any curves that occur in the pool walls.

Inground pool filter cleaners

Swimming pool water filtration is critical, and while the filter mechanism itself is key, it’s just as important to keep the filter clean. It allows everything to operate at peak, providing the cleanest, purest pool water.

Swimming pool thermometers

For any inground pool, a floating pool thermometer can confirm water temperature, quickly and accurately, in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Sounds pretty basic, but temperature readings are important for many reasons.

Automatic inground pool cleaners

For the ultimate in cleaning potential, automatic pool cleaners are the answer. There are a host of models and options available, many of which operate randomly (or automatically) constantly sucking up debris.

Pool chlorinators/chemical feeds

Sanitation, hygiene and cleanliness are paramount in an inground pool. For ease and convenience, chemical feeders and chlorinators automatically release the required amounts of chemicals for proper water balance.

Swimming pool water testing kits

Swimming pool water must be properly balanced to avoid the ill effects of chemicals, while preventing any kind of contamination. Daily testing is necessary in order to check for pH, chlorine, alkalinity, and calcium.

Needless to say, regular and routine maintenance for an inground pool is integral to owning a pool. With the right tools and equipment, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming work or costly to the budget. And by having a good relationship with a local swimming pool retailer, the staff can offer professional advice on equipment, products and accessories. Indeed, a really good retailer will offer customers FREE regular water testing. The important thing is not to take shortcuts – the long term integrity of the pool depends on good maintenance.

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