It’s a Big Question. How Easy Is It To Install an Above Ground Pool?

Everyone has a different swimming pool dream and everyone has a different wish list. As it turns out, everyone also has a specific budget in mind. At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, we’re approached, from time to time, by customers with more limited budgets, and who cannot afford the cost of an in ground swimming pool. In these cases, we are ready to recommend the ideal alternative – an above ground pool. This is a cost-effective option with all the benefits of a traditional pool, while keeping within a given budget. We supply some of the best quality pools in the industry, and can offer professional installation, or provide the pool as a do-it-yourself kit. Our above ground pools are made in Canada, vinyl-lined, and designed to endure the extremes of our weather.

For those who want to engage in the DIY (do-it-yourself) experience, installing an above ground pool is definitely a viable project. However, there’s a proper way to do it, with the right tools and equipment, and with help from others. Most importantly, it’s necessary to follow instructions, and to ensure that all of the manufacturer’s specifications are observed. Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs supplies the best brands in the industry – swimming pool kits that are manufactured for quality, performance, and longevity. And while assembly and installation can be straightforward, every manufacturer will have their own particular approach. As for the fundamentals, here are some guidelines that will set the stage for successful installation and successful outcomes.

Select the type of pool, the shape, and the size.

The shape and size of the pool should coincide with the chosen location. Use a long garden hose or length of rope to plot out where the pool will sit. It will give a realistic sense of the final setup.

Pick and choose a suitable location for the pool.

There is a lot to consider. The ground should be level and free of rocks. There should be access to electrical and plumbing. And ideally, the final spot should be well away from trees and bushes.

Prepare the ground, and ensure level surfacing.

Grass should be removed completely, and the ground made level. There may be a need to build up uneven areas, or dig down.  It’s also suggested that the surface settle for at least one season.

Lay down a perfectly level base and foundation.

Regardless of product or application, leveling the base is critical, followed by proper compacting of the surface. This step of the process is essential, so that the pool is perfectly level and stable.

Start setting up the sides of the swimming pool.

During the installation, everything must be according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Whether it’s fastening the pieces, or securing the components, it all has to go step by step.

Place the vinyl liner inside the walls of the pool.

In most cases, the vinyl liner will have to be temporarily secured so that it can spread out evenly and then be smoothed out. Once done, the liner can be secured more permanently as prescribed.

Setting up and affixing metal supports and rails.

To further support the main assembly of the pool, and depending on shape and size, there may be metal supports and/or rails that need assembly. This is very important for the pool’s stability.

Install the pump, filtration system and plumbing.

Here, it’s absolutely necessary to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. These systems are key to water circulation and will ensure optimum function and performance during the entire season.

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