For All Types of In Ground Pools, Having a Good Plan Will Make a Difference.

Even before thinking about the size or shape of a swimming pool, it’s important to have a detailed plan. And when it comes to in ground pools, a proper plan will make the difference between chaos and order. Just by example, it’s critical to have some ideas on location options. Additionally, it’s vital to know about any by-law restrictions. And finally, it’s important to have a realistic view of the budget. These considerations, amongst others, must be well thought out prior to putting a shovel in the ground – and with these fundamentals, all in ground pools become much better managed.

At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs we encourage good planning for all in ground pools. It makes for better decision-making before construction and better deliberations during construction. And from our experience we know that the time and energy that’s expended, is worth it. Sure, we can design and build a swimming pool of any size or shape, but why not create something that perfectly suits the needs and desires of a growing family? After all, in ground pools are permanent home renovations, with a hefty price tag, and a major, long-term commitment. Let’s do it right from day one.

To begin with, the team at Seaway Pools will help you to assess how the pool will be used. Do you want to work out and exercise? Do you have small children? Do you want to party and entertain? Whatever the answers, it will all help in deciding the right size, shape and location for the pool. The fact is, for all in ground pools, the shape, size and configuration are inter-related. For instance, a pool primarily used for recreation will be designed with an abundant shallow-end, along with a sloped floor will become the deep-end. Here, shape and size may not have to be that influential.

Over the years, some of our in ground pools have been designed for those who want to swim laps. In these situations we recommend a long, straight design with a depth that ensures safe swimming and turning at either end of the pool. We also have a design layout that will accommodate the family who wants recreational swimming AND swim training. Here, we suggest the “L-shaped” pool, which includes a separated shallow area for young swimmers, and a long “leg” that’s suitable for laps. Clearly, these types of in ground pools offer extra versatility and multi-use for the family.

Sizing for in ground pools will usually be dictated by the size of the backyard environment. And it’s always important to consider additional space for decking, paving, and “extras”. At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, our skilled designers do it all: with landscaping considerations; spacing ratios for pool and poolside; and any special features, like a cabana or BBQ area. Our approach is comprehensive, keeping local by-laws in mind, and never overlooking safety features like fences or gates. For many of our in ground pools, it’s a combination of everything that makes for the fabulous outcomes.

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