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10 Hot Tubs For Sale That You’ll Love

At Seaway Pools and Hot Tubs, we are experts in all things hot tubs and as a result, we have compiled a list of our top 10 hot tubs for sale. This list is meant to guide you through buying the hot tub that is best for you!

Winter is upon us, and with this, comes cold days and even colder nights. Why not stay warm and healthy with your very own hot tub? There are many benefits to owning a hot tub, especially during the Canadian winters. After buying your new hot tub, you’ll want to know how hot should a hot tub be? To answer this, your hot tub should never go past 104 degrees. Most new hot tub models will not let you exceed this temperature. This is just some of the important information to know once you buy your hot tub.

The Many Benefits Of Our Hot Tubs For Sale

Stress Release

Our daily stresses normally result in physical tension in our bodies, along with headaches, muscle soreness and fatigue. Consistently using a hot tub will help you to release stress and tension both physically and mindfully, due to the combination of heat, massage and water resilience.

Lower Back Pain Relief

Most of us will experience low back pain at one point in our lives. Depending on the severity, it can directly impact your quality of life. It has been proven that people who live with back pain who used their hot tub as a form of treatment saw a decline in their symptoms, sometimes dramatically.

Better Sleep

Consistently using your hot tub, especially close to bedtime, will lead to more restful, deeper, and uninterrupted rests. When you soak before bed, you will feel more relaxed in your muscles, making it easier for you to fall asleep. Soaking 15 minutes before bedtime will help your mind to be calm, present and clear, which will make your sleep ahead very relaxing.

Good Cardiovascular Health

When you immerse yourself in your hot tub, up to your neck, you automatically get a cardio workout. This happens because water puts pressure on your body, which will in turn increase your cardiac volume. When you are soaking in your hot tub, your heart works harder, helping you stay healthier and stronger.

Lower Blood Pressure

Countless research studies prove that if you soak in a hot tub for 20-30 minutes a day, 6 days a week, you will experience reduced blood sugar levels by 10-15%.  This is definitely great news for those that are diabetic. Relaxing in a hot tub is also less stressful on the heart, even with 15 minutes a day; you can lower your blood pressure to a normal level.

Reduced Toxins in the Body

The heat of your clean hot tub water helps open your pores. This will give the water a chance to get into your body and clean the toxins out from your skin. You will experience clearer and refreshed skin through this detoxification process.

Less Headaches

Regular hot tub use can help reduce headaches, with the relaxation, warmth and dilated blood vessels it provides. When your blood vessels are dilating, it decreases pressure in your head. If you suffer from headaches, daily use of your hot tub can help you remedy this, and perhaps prevent them in the future.

Top 10 Hot Tubs For Sale

#1 Beachcomber 750 SLB Air

This hot tub provides active seating for 8 with one cooling seat. It offers up to 192 customizable jets and a crescent moon lighting system. This illuminates the hot tub with a soft ambience to make your experience all the more calming and rejuvenating. In addition, the hot tub shell is designed with a QSSX sound system built in to enhance the musical sound experience. It also uses a special system called ClearTech, which helps to eliminate chemical byproducts in the water and reduces the amount of chlorine and bromine. It uses efficient and silent technology to keep your hot tub water clean with few maintenance tasks required.

#2 Beachcomber 730

This energy efficient hot tub makes a perfect ‘digital disconnect’ experience, while connecting with your close friends and family. It seats up to 6 people at one time, with one cooling seat and one massage lounger. It also offers a reflex foot massage feature, giving you a professional foot massage at every use, while bringing instant relief to your worn-out feet. In addition, you will save more on your monthly energy costs by using this Hybrid 3 model. When thinking about hot tubs for sale on the current market, this is definitely one to consider investing in.

#3 Beachcomber 710 SLB Air

This more intimate model offers seating for 4 and is great for any urban space. With all of the SLB offerings, a roman arch waterfall, surround sound, and more, it will feel like you are in your own personal backyard oasis, right in the city.  It has 143 jets for the ultimate balance of massage. It uses the special soft ambient lighting system, unique Quintessential X-Treme surround sound features, and the ClearTech UVC water care system to bring your urban retreat to life.

#4 Beachcomber 720 SLB Air

This model is considered the get-together space of all hot tubs. It offers comfortable seating for 7 plus one cooling seat. It will become the new spot in your backyard that your close friends will want to come and visit often. You can customize up to 147 jets and it is MP3 ready, with two bass shaker woofers and smart pad music centre controls to keep the music flowing to your liking. When the water in this hot tub is exposed to the special ClearTech lamp it dissolves inorganic composites and reduces chlorine consumption.

#5 Beachcomber 590

This model actively seats 7 and offers one cooling bench. It has up to 122 jets that can be customized to your liking along with 26 water sockets. With unique features like a ‘loveseat’, a body hugging design and Verta-sage jets, you are guaranteed to be frequently connecting with all of your close friends and family.  It also uses up to 33% less energy than Beachcombers’ current competition, while staying at the same volume of water.

#6 Beachcomber 550

This model will simultaneously satisfy all of your hot tub users. You can stretch out to float, or alternate between warming and cooling temperatures, with seamless transition between the two. It offers reflexology foot massage, while still using less energy than most. It will help you unwind or recharge, whatever your mood may need, at the time of your soak. The massage flex jets deliver up to 106 customizable options for 4 people at a time. This is another great choice and one of our most popular hot tubs for sale.

#7 Beachcomber 540

The 540 Beachcomber model is cozy enough for two, but suitable for 5 with one cooling bench to stretch out on. Whether you are seeking a romantic backyard getaway or to connect with some of your favourite people, the 540 will give you the ability to experience both with one hot tub. If you are on a specific hot tub budget, this is definitely the one to invest in.

#8 Beachcomber 380

This hot tub features seating for 6 plus one cooling seat and one cooling bench.  It offers ergonomic seating and has a spacious foot well to comfortably dip your feet into. Beachcomber is pleased to be an environmentally mindful company.  Like the other Beachcomber hot tubs for sale, they ensure that your hot tub is energy efficient and are always looking for ways to lower your operating costs, now and in the future. The 380 offers 102 flex jets that are completely customizable to your personal requirements.

#9 Beachcomber 320

The simple and elegant design of this hot tub makes it always in style. It is perfect for a smaller backyard or spa space, without compromising the massage and luxury experience. It seats 6 with one cooling bench and offers 45 flex jets and 10 water sockets. It doesn’t compromise on energy efficiency or foot massage space.

#10 Beachcomber 350

This is definitely a favourite model for families. It gives comfortable seating for 6 with one cooling seat and 104 jets to customize to provide the perfect massage for all. It offers a spacious foot well for the perfect reflexology treatment. It comes in many colours to choose from and will always save you money on energy costs.

Why choose Seaway?

We hope that based on our top 10 list of hot tubs for sale you will find the perfect hot tub for you and your family! With all of the amazing features Beachcomber has to offer, you really can’t go wrong with any of these hot tubs. At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, we are proud to offer exceptional client services and product knowledge. We offer the best brand names on the market, including a wide range of Beachcomber hot tubs. We are a family-run business and we continually provide the best in customer service and quality product. We are experts in this industry and we love nothing more than helping our clients pick out the product of their dreams. To set up an appointment, please call 905.294.8030 or visit https://www.seawaypoolsntubs.com/landing/beachcomber-hot-tubs/ to learn more.

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